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Once hired, EZDDS ensures that your dental clinic’s backend operations are optimized, which contributes to peace of mind and increased time and monetary savings.

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We strive for claim denial minimization and providing quality service

One-Stop Solution For All Your Dental Billing Needs

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of security so that they can focus on your business
EZDDS provides a full range of billing services, including fixes for each and every billing issue a dental practice or individual practitioner might encounter. With the help of our high-tech, future-focused products, you can reduce stress, make more money, and save time.

Increase your revenue like never before by collecting all you owe from the insurance companies.

The best dental insurance verification services in town ensure that no claims are ever denied and that only reimbursements are made.

Easy dental scheduling that fills your spots and streamlines your earnings using automated systems.

Get modern dental accounting and bookkeeping services to regain your financial peace.

Utilize cutting-edge marketing techniques and digital campaigns to take your practice to new heights.

One-Stop Solution For All Your Dental Billing Needs

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of security so that they can focus on your business

Dental Insurance Verification

Claim Submission

Payment posting

Accounts Receivable


Dental Credentialing

Dental Credentialing

The Credentialing Process

The credentialing process or provider enrollment consists of two phases called credentialing and contracting. Insurance companies verify your education, training, and professional history during credentialing to ensure you meet the necessary internal requirements for an in-network provider. Then, the insurance company issues a participating provider agreement outlining specific terms for participation and receiving claim reimbursement. A provider agreement is a requirement for in-network reimbursement. However, you may have the option to bill as an out-of-network provider until completing your credentialing. Unfortunately, the insurance company does not guarantee claim processing. Additionally, claim acceptance depends on patient out-of-network benefits. Below is a checklist of items to prepare before beginning the credentialing process.

Credentialing and Contracting Preparation Checklist

Insurance Companies with Whom You Should Credential

Determining the best insurance providers for dental practices may seem overwhelming. Therefore, contact a peer at another local practice or an insurance billing office manager to inquire which insurance companies provide an excellent patient base. Other major dental insurance carriers to consider are Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, and Cigna. In addition, major national PPO plans sometimes rent their networks in targeted areas, such as Multiplan. The small business consultants recommend seeking credentialing with multiple insurance companies to obtain a wide range of insurance coverages.

Credentialing with Insurance Networks

Credentialing can be time-consuming and may require hours of application preparation and process follow-up. Dental office coaches at Bryant Consultants advise clients to outsource the credentialing process to maintain patient or practice focus since it requires a significant time investment. Once you decide on the insurance carriers with whom to participate, follow the below checklist to begin the credentialing process.

Insurance Network Credential Checklist

Once Credentialed

After completing the credentialing process, you may begin billing for in-network services. Be sure to verify the patient’s benefits before the appointment and submit claims within 24 hours of treatment for timely payment. Once payment is received from the insurance company, promptly post the payment and bill another insurance provider or the patient for the remaining balances due.

Here’s What Makes Ezdds the No.1 Choice for Dentists

Dedicated Professionals

Each clinic or practitioner we engage receives a dedicated team of dental billing experts who are all committed to offering the best billing solutions with just a few simple clicks.

Guaranteed Data Privacy

We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data and patient records using 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption, which complies with HIPAA’s rules for privacy, security, and breach notification.

Flexible Pricing

Based on the level of service we give, EZDDS has several price options that are affordable. A pricing strategy that is specifically customized to your requirements is also available.

Maximize Cash Flows with Efficient Billing Solutions

EZDDS has helped hundreds of dental professionals over the years and has developed efficient methods for smooth billing and collections. The virtual assistants we assign to our clients can handle anything from smart scheduling, bookkeeping, and on-the-go digital marketing to verifying your patients’ insurance plans and streamlining collections! Most importantly, we understand that our clients want the highest level of data protection and privacy. We adhere to the requirements of the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules of HIPAA and use 256-Bit SSL/TLS encryption to protect all patient records and clinic information for their peace of mind.


Why Choose EZDDS and Not Some XYZ Company?

EZDDS is a renowned billing company that was formed by and for practicing dentists. We streamline back-end systems so you can concentrate on providing good patient care.


We guarantee trustworthy results that are supported by the reputable efforts of dental specialists.


Since we have a deep understanding of the dental industry, we can guarantee quality results that follow the insurance laws.


We have created proven methods and strategies to quickly deliver your guaranteed results.


We are HIPAA certified, which means that customer and patient data is kept highly secure and private.

Get paid faster, enhance patient experience, and improve your dental practice profitability through dental billing outsourcing!

USA’s Acclaimed Dental Billing Company

EZDDS Dental Billing Specialists Commit and Work Hard to Ensure

Error-free Verification

Before the appointment prevents billing errors and claim denials. Therefore, we constantly monitor the active coverage of your patients and stay in touch with their insurance companies to verify whether they are eligible for the required treatment or not.

Quick Bill Collection

Dental billing outsourcing primarily focuses on collecting insurance payments without delay and increasing the cash flow in real-time. That is why, just as the treatment is completed, we contact the insurance companies and collect your hard-earned money as quickly as possible.

Zero Claim Denials

Insurance claims need to be appropriately filed to avoid rejections, but it requires extra effort. So, our dental billing specialists always make sure that all of your claims have concise narratives and every required document is attached to it, leaving no chance of denials.

Increased Cash Flow

A consistent increase in revenue is essential to keep the dental practice alive and growing. However, delays and denials of insurance claims lead to a decrease in revenue. Thereby, we handle your insurance verification and billing tasks with observance to boost your profitability.
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