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We strive for claim denial minimization and providing quality service

EZDDS outsource Dental Billing has always been committed to saving your money

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of security so that they can focus on your business
EZDDS ensure quick and error-free Billing & Collection. Nothing can disturb your workflow when you have us by your side as we keep everything in check. Our dedicated team strives to save you from claim rejections, increase your profit, and help you grow more. Say goodbye to the old days when you had to worry about wasting your time on phone calls with insurance companies. Instead, embrace EZDDS to focus just on your patients care while the world’s best dental billing experts handle your insurance verification and bill collection tasks with absolute observance.

Billing and Collection

We collect your hard-earned bill payments from insurance companies in real-time to maximize your revenue

Insurance Verification

We check your patient’s active coverage to verify their eligibility for the required diagnosis and procedures

Here’s What Makes Ezdds the No.1 Choice for Dentists

Effective Workflow

When EZDDS dental billing specialists deal with your patient verification and bill collection tasks, everything is done without any error and delay.

Patient Satisfaction

When you outsource your dental billing and patient verification to EZDDS Dental Billing team. You’ll never lose sight of what matters and ensure patient satisfaction.

Revenue Growth

EZDDS Dental Billing Experts will change the landscape of your practice by bringing in more revenue, so it’s time to give your dental practice the real money makeover it deserves.


Why Choose EZDDS Billing To Manage Your Insurance Billing Workload!

No Burden on Staff

Let your team focus more on patients and less on insurance verification and bill collection processes, as our dental billing specialists work 24/7 to handle your dental billing tasks with peerless dedication.

We Believe in Transparency

Get affordable month-to-month plans with no hidden charges. As one of the most considerate dental billing companies in the USA, we charge just a minimal amount of the recoveries we collect for you.

No Prolonged Contracts

Our prime concern is to provide you with convenience and freedom to call off the service agreement. Keeping this in view, we offer monthly dental billing outsourcing plans, so you can start today and cancel anytime.

Get paid faster, enhance patient experience, and improve your dental practice profitability through dental billing outsourcing!

USA’s Acclaimed Dental Billing Company

EZDDS Dental Billing Specialists Commit and Work Hard to Ensure

Error-free Verification

Before the appointment prevents billing errors and claim denials. Therefore, we constantly monitor the active coverage of your patients and stay in touch with their insurance companies to verify whether they are eligible for the required treatment or not.

Quick Bill Collection

Dental billing outsourcing primarily focuses on collecting insurance payments without delay and increasing the cash flow in real-time. That is why, just as the treatment is completed, we contact the insurance companies and collect your hard-earned money as quickly as possible.

Zero Claim Denials

Insurance claims need to be appropriately filed to avoid rejections, but it requires extra effort. So, our dental billing specialists always make sure that all of your claims have concise narratives and every required document is attached to it, leaving no chance of denials.

Increased Cash Flow

A consistent increase in revenue is essential to keep the dental practice alive and growing. However, delays and denials of insurance claims lead to a decrease in revenue. Thereby, we handle your insurance verification and billing tasks with observance to boost your profitability.
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