Frequently Asked Questions

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I thought a clearinghouse provided the same services?
No, this is a frequent misunderstanding. Your clearinghouse only collects insurance claim information that the dental office provides and administers them to insurance companies. The clearing house is not involved in coding the dental claim or what information is provided to the insurance company.
Do you offer service to all specialties?
EZDDS billers have over 20 years experience not only with the administrative side but the clinical side as well. We offer a full understanding of all general and specialty procedures so we can provide the expert know how for coding claims and maximizing insurance reimbursement.
What practice management software do you work with?
Most popular practice management softwares. Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, DentiMax and Softdent.
Do you offer credentialing?
Yes re-credentialing services are provided at no additional cost with the dental insurance billing service.
Is there a long-term contract?
No. Services are month to month.
Is my dental practice still HIPAA compliant if I use this service?
Absolutely! We wouldn’t want to do anything that would compromise your practice or patients.
Do you offer other services?
Yes! We offer insurance verification, patient receivable billing, and dental accounting!
How does the dental accounting service work?
We set you up with a Quickbooks pro! The pro will review your accounting needs and we will customize a plan that will work for you!

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