Most Popular Electronic Medical Billing Software

Dental billing involves sending invoices for services given to patients’ insurance companies and other parties, known as medical billing. There are three main medical billing insurance verification phases: 

  • Coding
  • Audit
  • Payment Processing

The medical billing service analyses diagnostic codes and other information, which are used to calculate what patients, should anticipate paying and whether they may have had to pay insurance premiums. Some medical billing businesses will handle every facet of medical billing, including bill sending for record keeping. Others, such as those who collect payments, just provide one service, instead of others. 

Specialists in medical billing are familiar with coding mechanisms and prepayment techniques that are important for effective services.

Why do we need medical billing software?

In the last several years, managing various tasks has increased in the medical profession due to the advancement of the medical department. Here we have the best example of the medical field is electronic medical billing software applications, which will be very helpful for medical professionals. This software lessens the workload in the area of medical billing and enables doctors to get timely payment for the services offered to patients.

Benefits of medical billing software

In this modern era, So many hospitals now employ electronic medical billing specialists to keep track of their patient’s accounts in many ways. While the fact of matters to modernize their billing systems, for that reason some hospitals are also investing in electronic medical billing software. This software offers different options for customer care like 

  • Cost-effective software
  • High record maintenance
  • Inventory tracking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Improved accessibility
  • Patient engagement

Also printing the statement with late fees or merely displaying the number of days the bill is past due. 

Administrative of the health department can choose the greatest software from among the many options on the market based on their requirements and needs.

The following are some of the most popular software programs available in the market:

Medical Pro

It is one of the most prominent programs for the advancement of the health department. There are various versions of this Windows-based program; it is including the following editions

  • Anesthetic
  • Dental
  • Medical Practice Editions

This software is more feature-rich utilizes advanced techniques and is more affordable, and it will save hospitals and doctors from wasting more money and time.


Whether you run a small or large firm, EZDDS can increase your account receivables with a production management system. All insurance claims will be processed according to requirements, and we’ll make sure that money is collected for everything that should be in our client’s bank accounts.

You will be paid in full for all debts. Within one business day, our staff presented clear claims for payment for you. All the payments are posted to patient ledgers on daily bases. We lower the rate of insurance aging to fewer than 5%. (And keep it there).

  • Daily update EOBs
  • Clearing Denied Claims
  • Daily Electronic Claims
  • Verify Procedures for Insurance
  • Electronic Attachments
  • Gathered Missing Information
  • Insurance Aging Report

You won’t ever again lose sleep over how much the expense of treatment will be this year or in the past ten years because the Ezdds team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to address your issues swiftly.

Curve Dental

Regardless of their level of software management layout, it is easy to understand the algorithm.  Anybody on your team can learn and use Curve Hero because of its superbly designed user-friendly interface.

Curve Hero helps dental clinics manage the following

  • scheduling
  • Billing
  • Recall
  • Insurance
  • Charting and other tasks

All the tasks can be perform from anywhere with just an Internet connection.
The best fact is that everything is on the cloud, and you don’t have to shell out extra cash for a server to store medical records. Even untrained team members who have never used it before seem to pick it up quickly because of its user-friendly interface.


Denticon Management software offers a wide range of users almost 45,000. Also, it will provide a comprehensive cloud-based solution with all the tools required to standardize, organize, and grow. This will allow them to escape the limitations of desktop software.

By providing 33,000 dental practitioners in the medical field with a system that streamlines practice workflows, centralizes patient data, and fosters growth, Denticon removes all hurdles on the way to success.

With Denticon, you can gain greater access to insights for practice production with secure access to patient data from anywhere at any time. 

Final Thoughts

Thus, time and money-saving features are something that all software packages have in common for dental professionals. The use of the software will undoubtedly save much time and money. Also, it will reduce the possibility of errors over employing more traditional approaches. 

With the use of electronic medical billing software, claims may be processed quickly, accurately, and effectively. Because it has to do with health, the accuracy of the information about the patients is important as their health.

You can choose the electronic medical billing software by conducting a proper internet search. You can also ask others about the suitability of the program they are using or having experience with any of the software. Regardless of the approach you take in choosing the medical billing software, the only result will be that the dental billing process will move quickly. You can get good performance from the selected software at a minimum cost.

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