EZDDS Billing

Dental Insurance Verification

Better cash flow, improved time management, easy insurance verification.

The EZDDS Promise

Thorough insurance verification of patients

Follow up on claims processing

Professional service customized to address your practice’s requirement

Well-rounded team of experts with extensive experience

Why You Should Get Verification Services

Improve your patients’ experience by outsourcing insurance verification.

Optimized Front Desk

Enable efficient management of your front desk activities and patient handling by handing over time-consuming verification tasks to skilled verification experts.

Eligibility Confirmation

Every patient’s insurance coverage and eligibility is thoroughly verified and confirmed for required treatment prior to service being rendered.

Reduced Billing Errors

Each patient’s information is verified and/or updated for correction, and their bill is double-checked to eliminate errors.

Why Choose EZDDS?


Seamless Payments Flow

The EZDDS platform verifies treatment coverage upfront to minimize losses and frustration with patients fully aware of any out-of-pocket expenses, easing claims processing for a seamless flow of payment.


Avoid Outstanding Balances

With up-to-date and accurate patient information timely filed, outstanding balances are easily avoided when patients are due for their treatment so no unexpected costs crop up.


Improved Patient Experience

Satisfied patients reduce no-show appointments and increase both referrals and revenues, as accurate verification allows both patient and you to be fully aware of coverage and expected costs.

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